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The Society runs an annual point score competition among members. 


Each month a schedule of classes appears in the newsletter and members are invited to bring in their best specimens for judging.  The classes include blooms, container plants, vegetables and floral arrangements. Judges are selected from the most experienced of our members.  A first and second place is awarded in each class and the results are recorded. At the end of each June, the placings are tallied and the person with the highest amount is awarded The President's Shield and the top 10 winners receive the appropriate prize money.

A booklet, Guidelines for Exhibitors, is sent to each new member.  


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Winners of The President's Shield  (last 5 years) 

2018/2019:    Aubrey Knowles

2017/2018:    Nita and Penny Whipp

2016/2017:    Nita and Penny Whipp

2015/2016:    Keith & Maureene Smith

2014/2015:    Brenda Zimmerman

2013/2014 :   Keith & Maureene Smith

List of all previous winners